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Inhale...Breathe out... Why choosing energy medicine?

Illness does not appear randomly, but is rather a consequence and at the same time the manifestation of a physical and psychological breakdown.

Energetics medicine analyzes how lifestyle, emotional pollutions, stress, psychological conflicts, and shocks (mainly emotional) participate to result in the degradation of the body, which then has no other option but to express the disease and evacuate unhealthy things that have sometimes been accumulated for decades.

This medicine allows the patient, through his journey, to understand and identify the origin of his suffering and to consider that he can do the same for his healing.

That is to say:

- To be aware of the processes that lead to suffering

- To understand the deep roots of the disease

- To discover the body’s self-defense mechanisms that come into play and why they do this

- Finally, to accept the responsibility that lies within oneself

These are the essential keys of the rediscovery process of what can have the healing power within oneself.

The sick person is no longer a VICTIM but an ACTOR of what occurs within him. He becomes ACTIVE and can then participate in the recovery of his health.

We are at the very essence of LIFE and coming out of this major idea, which can be found in all the traditions of the world; the balanced state is generated by peace. The dynamism of life is generated by tension, but this tension is noble because it pushes us upward. This is the main difference with conflict, which is derived from the logic of opposition. It pushes us downward.


What happens when we fall sick or when we experience an accident?

The first feeling is the one of a brutal, unexpected and violent physical or psychological suffering.

It hurts, it is hard, it is so unfair.

The person facing the illness or an accident is always surprised that it has hit him.

Because it only happens to others, doesn’t it? Who has never thought or said that?

Facing this life that hurts, anger, fear, maybe hatred or contempt, hits us.

In any case, the experienced suffering can be felt, known and captured by all.

Then, the second phase comes, the shock of the bad news has passed. It is time to react, to reflect, to heal.

Why? Why me? Why now? I don’t understand, it is not fair!

Those are many questions that come to our mind. Whatever the form and the degree, a mental reflection starts to emerge.

This phase is not always comfortable because it also involves identifying responsibility.

Finally, then comes the phase of integration or even accepting of the occurrences.

He has no other choice than to go through this phase, consciously or not.

He can then accept his part of responsibility. He has no other choice for this occurs, consciously or not.

​​The Healing or the Remission is very close. Life can then become more harmonious.

The Unconscious - THE ENERGY

The vital energy can get stuck in some parts of the body that become the seat of tensions, and emotional conflicts that can be responsible for our diseases and unease.

The unconscious is both corporal and psychological: the physical symptom is the immediate expression of the unconscious.

The physical body of most of us has lost its harmony; it is broken up, with a lot of dead zones (that is to say, zones where the energy doesn’t flow properly).

As a consequence, the body becomes weak and without vitality.

When there are dead zones in our body, it means that we are blocking, we are holding back something, we put on a sort of armor to become less sensitive to the pleasures of life, to love, we leave less space to life.

Energy is everywhere in the universe, in each living cell, including the ones of our body.

This energy that is within us tends to expand, to flow fluently in our organism if we don’t block it with tension.

When it is blocked or held back, it becomes negative, destructive and can bring about malfunctions and diseases inside our organism.

When energy flows properly within us, our body is warm, full of beats, strong and healthy.

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