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Omegalpha is a French association, under the law 1901, founded in Fréjus, in the department of VAR, of which goal is to contribute to a healthy evolution of our society in harmony with our environment. The association seeks to promote & develop Permaculture and the natural & energetic medicines. We have 3 pillars of priorities: The care to humans, the care to the environment, and the care to our invisible environment, which refers to the quality of electromagnetic waves around us, as like Nikola Tesla said: 

   "If you want to find the secrets of Universe, Think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." 

To implement our aspirations toward a more harmonious world, we organize & dispense: 

  • Care in Holistic Therapies, 

  • Therapeutic Training, & training in Permaculture

  • Conferences

  • Various events like the projection of documentaries, participative workshops... 

Carrying out of projects, on-going and achieved:

  • Development of Holistic Therapies

  • Creation of a garden Test in Fréjus, using the permaculture principles 

  • Creation of a seed library, available in the head quarter of the association

  • Sending of healthy seeds to members of the association. They are from our own seeds and seeds from local gardeners acting with the same ethics as ours, knowing, without any input of chemical products, and with great respect of mother nature.

  • Selling of Orgonites (condensator and transmutator of electromagnetic waves), of which incomes enable us to finance the projects of the association. You will find here our orgonites available, and the explanations here (the translation of this page in english is coming).   ​

The projects to develop: 

  • Creation of a collaborative garden in the area of Fréjus,

  • Organisation and involvement in reforestation programs,

  • Conception of programs aiming to sensitize children to the Ecologie and Environment preservation matters, to be integrated in schools 

This Website has also been created to make your discover some of the strongest and most ancient of natural medicines, or so-called alternative medicines, also called  "informational" medicines. Those medicines are still being practiced today, as for thousands of years, they have healed ailments with great effectiveness, and often have been able to prevent them.  

The information on this website is based on academic, professional and personal experiences, on lectures and researches. We introduce you Cathy and Mikhaël, both therapists, having accumulated 20 years of experience in caring for the physical, emotional and psychological healing of their patients. They receive you and follow you most of the time together as their energies work in synergy and they have complementary knowledge, which optimize the care process.

They have an eclectic background as follows:

- Graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the Traditional Chinese Medicine world federation 

- Graduated in energetics medicine/Magnetism, from the Faculté Libre de Médecines Naturelles et d'Ethnomédecine, created by Doctor Wilhem.


- Certified in Aroma-Esthetic by Mr Didier Ramiandrasoa, from the "école d'ésthetique internationale Sylvia Terrade" of Lyon.


- Certified in Ericksonian Hypnosis


- Certified in Permaculture (Permaculture Design Course followed in Colombia and France, and a training for instructors).


In the frame of numerous travels, they have also benefited of an ethnomedecine (medicine related to ethnics, then, to ancestral and traditional methods) teaching. This diversity of academic and professional experiences has brought them a great understanding of the man in his entirety. It is a strength that they use today to help their patients.


We will respond to your comments and queries as soon as possible. By subscribing to the newsletter you will be noticed for each new blog, for each event organized, and for each new project implemented by Omegalpha. 

Welcome on our website and have a great reading! For any question, feel free to contact us, we are ready to listen to you.


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