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Energetics Medicine

Energetics medicine is intended to study the different manifestations and form of energy, matter and information occurring in the human organism.

Through the study of the different corporal energies and their interaction with our environment, this care system seeks to maintain and restore health.


The therapeutist's practices stemming from the most important traditional medicines have always had as their goal to foster virtuous exchange with our environment. This means that we should ensure that the energy, the matter and the information coming in our organism be as good as possible, under the right quantity and at the right pace, both at the physical and mental level.

Long before the development of the current scientific understanding that we have of the human body, based on the physics and chemistry, most traditional medicines used to consider the human being as a vibratory whole.

The most well-known of the traditional medicines are traditional Chinese medicine with its “meridians” and traditional Indian medicine with its “nadis” (comparable to the Chinese meridians).

For more than 10,000 years, the human body has been viewed as an energetics system. This principle has formed the base of the Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the Ayurvedic medicine from India and further other systems, such as the Chakras.

The “Chakras” are energetics centers, “meeting points” through which the vital energy flows and encounters the physical level.

Thus, each Chakra corresponds to a physical counterparty.

For example, some blocking of the vital energy’s circulation at the level of the root Chakra bring about, among other, legs issues (frequent falls) and pain in the knees.


When the vital energy (QI) flows smoothly and harmoniously through the human body, the person is healthy. He feels physical, mental and social well-being and there is not any conflict within him and he knows how to handle his different needs.

Extract of the movie "Doctor Strange": The healing, explicating the medicine energetics.

​What is energetics therapy ?

Energetics medicine is a natural medicine that consists of self-healing and getting rid of all health issues that can affect our behaviour and cause a drop in our energy.

According to alternative medicines, once the sicknesses are caught, they will result in an blocking of energy manifested by pain and sufferings.

The professionals of this therapy act on innate characteristics of each patient as everyone has a different past, filled with different experiences, with their own aches and sufferings, and everyone has a different level of sensitivity. That is why each patient is unique and needs a unique treatment plan.

During the treatment, the therapeutist has as objective to lead the patient to self-healing that enables the blocked energy to flow normally, as it is supposed to.

This change of mood and of behaviour is linked to an unbalanced relation between the innate and the experienced life. They are not in harmony. This discrepancy between the two may not be felt but it leads to consequences on the energetics system of the organism, which then influences the organism’s physical wellbeing.

The energetics therapy helps the patient to correct, to get rid of his negative thinking and to choose a better lifestyle in order to benefit his health.

The healer transmits the vital energy that he receives, using all his senses – touch, sight, hearing, smell… This will ensure that an important input of energy be provided to help the patient release himself from his emotional, spiritual, mental and physical blockings, in order for him to enjoy his wellness, vitality and health at the fullest.

Energetics therapies

The healing technics

The founding ancestors of the energetics medicine implemented technics based on the laid-on hands that support:

  • The elimination of health issues,

  • The reduction of stress,

  • And most importantly, encouraging the patient to discover his self-healing capacities.


It is important to know that most of the energetics medicine is practiced by laying on the hand over the body where the healer transmits the energy to the patient.

Healing technics

The sense of touch is a sense by which a human being can tell everything. It can convey a feeling of affection as well as a feeling of pain. In energetics medicine, we use this sense only for the benefit of health.

Among these technics, there is Reiki and magnetism. Reiki is an approach of alternative medicine aimed at eliminating stress, reducing pain, and supporting the process of self-healing. It is also a technic for relaxation.

Magnetism, also named CHI, is used to heal several health problems, among them, burns, arthritis, sprains... It has also shown great efficiency on the depressive states, emotional traumas, etc.

Indeed, since the beginning of time when these health practices came into existence, developed by the Chinese traditions, the Indian traditions or Shamanism, they have let many rediscover the power of nature and also rediscover spirituality.

Even though all those approaches of alternative medicine are unique, they have one single common point:


The use of the universal vital energy that is necessary to each organism to function correctly.

The benefits of energetics medicine

Among the benefits of this alternative medicine on the health of an individual, the laid-on hands technic brings them a feeling of wellness and assures them a deep relaxation on top of finding energetic harmony and vitality.


The energetics medicine also enables:

  • The stimulation of the patient’s immune system,

  • Speeding up the self-healing process,

  • Reduction of the nervous system-related problems, such as stress, anxiety, headache…,

  • The diminution of the arterial tension,

  • And the induction of positive emotions…


Luc Bodin, explains us the "energetic man".

Doctor for more than 25 years. Specialized in oncology, also practices acupuncture, homeopathy, phytotherapy, Osteopathy, and also has competencies in NLP communication, and biological decoding of diseases etc.

Many travels through the world to meet Chinese and Tibetan doctors, Filipino healers, shamans, have enriched his experience of doctor.

Video, "the energetic man"


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