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Physical Activity

One thing is certain – human beings are made for being active, for moving. We must foster every activity that encourages us to move physically, intellectually or artistic.  

Physical Activity
Outdoor Activites

If going to the gym bores you to death or if you can't respect the fixed hours in the sport clubs, why not try going for a hike, a run or a bike ride in the wilderness of Mother Nature?

​Alone or with your children or with your dog, this is an excellent way for reenergizing yourself.

The required equipment is minimum, only a pair of suitable shoes in which you feel all right is necessary, some light if you go at night, and most importantly, necessary liquid for adequate hydration throughout your trip out. After that, it’s just a matter of going out to ENJOY and BREATH the fresh air!!!  

Rester en Mouvement

And along the way, you are FREE, you can meditate, change the pace of your hike, discover the surroundings, etc.

Défi - Compétition

Join the adventure of the sports challenge. This will prepare your willingness and motivation to deeply change your physical and nutrition habits in order to achieve your goals.

For example, you can commit to using your bike or your legs as much as you can to move around – to go to the bakery, to the post office, or to work, etc. 


Today, the irony is that too often we tend to use the car for a few blocks’ ride while paying a gym membership to run on a treadmill.

The adrenaline generated by the excitement and stress of the challenge as well as the physical requirements will encourage you to properly adjust some habits.​

Then, a few months later, without realizing it, you will already be at the starting line of a race!


Travel!! It is such a wonderful way for enriching oneself, for learning, for using all your cognitive capacities, and for being in movement in every aspect .

For many of us, travelling means "costly", and many can harbour a very conventional, rigid and restricted perspective of traveling. In reality, the essence of it is the very opposite - unconventional, flexible, and adventurous.

Travelling in the most simple and economical means by which we can quite often discover the most memorable experiences. 

Furthermore, it has never been so easy to travel than it is now, mainly thanks to technology and a decrease in costs (airline tickets, accommodation...) and especially safer.  

For some travellers, this easiness has also a negative side:  a bit of spice of the unexpected and of the adventure brought about by travelling has been somehow lost, the essence of connecting oneself with others also has been reduced by technology, rise of tourism on a mass scale, which can be dangerous for the environment and for the local peoples if not well managed. Well, this is another discussion to be added!


Learning something new

Learning a new activity develops the cognitive parts of our brain, which are essentials to prevent diseases involving the brain degeneration such as Alzheimer’s disease.   

On top of this, the satisfaction of mastering something new that seemed impossible some time ago, and the fulfillment of enjoying the benefits of it (new knowledge or know-how, extension of our network, ideas...) largely contributes to make us happier.

The opening of a new world is before each new mastered activity. Our "playground" gets bigger and more enjoyable.

Intellectual and Artistic
A foreign language

Learning a new language does not only bring the opportunity to add an extra line on the curriculum vitae or resume, but it also allows to communicate with more people, to discover a new world, a new culture with its music, cinema, art, history, cuisine, habits, etc., and then to extend one's knowledge of the surrounding world and one's capacities to feel great emotions.

Some typical examples: it is so much more pleasant to watch a movie in its original version, to listen to one's favorite music and feel the music without need for translation.

Surely, the best way of making your brain exercise! It is not only your biceps that need some exercise but also and mostly your brain. Train it so it gets its six pack too!

A musical Instrument

A real gym for your brain as well! Forget the new applications for your smartphone to exercise your brain. Instead, learn any musical instrument!

Your memory ability will be improved drastically as well as your logical and linguistic skills. Musical instruments are very beneficial for the kids, as it speeds up their cerebral development.  

Read & Write

Great to develop not only your communicative and linguistic skills but also your creative ones. 

Writing 5 to 10 min every morning stimulates intellectually while relaxing and increasing the creative faculties. 

Only our imagination is the limit to our writings and to our readings.​

As a healthy nutrition goes hand in hand with an active life on all plans, let's meet on the page Nutrition tips.

"The Vitruvian Man" or "the universal man" from Leonard de Vinci, symbol of the wholeness of man. 

"Men sana en corpore sano"

l'homme de vitruve
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