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Nutrition Tips

Being Conscious

The piece of advise the most general would be to get to know how to eat, to feed himself and to drink in consciousness. Consciousness includes: 

  • Feeling and get aware of the information in the energetics sense, of elements swallowed.

  • Awareness of the functioning of our body, of its reaction (physical, mental & emotional) on our diet, also on the new diet nutrition changes, as well as to the results that follow.


An assessment of one's habits is key, where for exemple these questions shall be answered: what are my diet habits? which of those habits enable me to feel good and in harmony with who I am, and the the ones in the contrary to that hold me back from being and feeling fulfilled.

Being Conscious

A dietary change means changing one’s dietary habits. It involves leaving out some products and incorporating others. Dietary habits also include meal frequencies, eating time throughout the day, and quantity of each portion.

The difficulty is to be able to distinguish the bad habits that make you go to the wrong direction from what really require your body and your mind to function at their fullest potential to maintain healthiness.

Firs of all, we have to avoid following a diet only because it is “trendy.” It is essential to start to get to know oneself first, and deeply listen to one's needs. There is not a magical, quick or excessively constraining diet to help you reach your health objectives. Each person is unique and so has unique needs.

Changing our habits
Changing our habits

Experiment with the combination of tastes and food. Experimentation is a large part of the learning process of oneself and of EVOLUTION.

It is also essential to keep the notion of Pleasure when eating and cooking.

Although everyone has very specific needs and has their own ways of functioning, as each is a unique living being, some rules remain valid for all of us:

  • Avoid the consumption of industrial sugar and its derived products (like sodas, ready to eat sauces, …)

  • Avoid as much as possible products having a high content of lipid (ex: the industrial dishes, fried products...). Instead, choose high quality fat such as coconut oil, or a good quality olive oil. The brain needs high quality fat.

  • ​Avoid industrially processed products, such as: ready to eat meals, industrial pizzas, nuggets, ready to serve snacks... Industrial chemistry is more present than real food in these products. High quantities of processed sugar and salt are added, as well as all types of additives, preservatives, artificial colorings and way more... The basic food necessary to prepare the final product is often replaced by chemical formulas or by very low-quality food.​​

  • Reduce its consumption of alcohol and caffeine. Drink green tea and infusions are great alternatives. They have great properties on health. For exemple ginger teas will stimulate your metabolism while relaxing you. A teaspoon of honey as well as the juice of half a lemon can be added.

  • Avoid laying down after eating the main meals. Go for a short walk of 10-15min to ease and help digestion.

  • Include healthy nutrition within a harmonious lifestyle: MOVE physically, intellectually and socially… You will have on this topic on the page Motion.

Interview with Marion Kaplan - Changing our diet habits 


Marion Kaplan has studied branches of the natural medicines   (naturopathy with Catherine Kousmine, homeopathy, energetics medicine and much more) to better understand the origin of diseases and how to treat them...

The importance of Water
  • Drink an adequate quantity of a good quality water:

  • It is recommended to drink about 2.7 litres a day for women and 3,7 litres for men, of all kind: pure water, drinks and products having a high content of water, ex: some fruits…

  • The daily consumption of only water should be around 2 litres.

  • If the person practices a physical activity, those figures increase; they also increase in humid and hot environments.

  • Don’t wait for being thirsty to drink, it means that you are already dehydrated.

Most importantly, water is essential for maintaining a healthy body because it is a transmitter of information. Information is transmitted by water within the body. 

Guy Londechamps, Doctor, Homeopathe, in FR 

Importance of Water
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